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 GH Motorcycles and GB Finch evening motocross at Wattisfield Hall 29th June 6pm

Race report Charles Ralph

 The annual Wednesday evening motocross meeting, hosted by the Diss club, saw a large crowd, who witnessed some closely fought racing during the ten-race programme.

Sponsored by GH Motorcycles and G&B Finch, almost 180 riders competed, each having three rides during the evening. The fast grassland circuit was in ideal condition for racing, thanks to the hard working Diss crew.

Following the four qualifying heats, it was Tom Grimshaw,(Chambers Gas Gas), who claimed the win in the first semi final, leaving Brendon Mayers and Ben Clark disputing second place.

On form Luke Parker, ( Pope Gas Gas), took the win in the second semi final, closely followed by Sam Nunn, (Cab Screens Yamaha), and Declan Whittle, Lings Gas Gas). The non qualifiers races were both won by veteran Paul Aldridge, who was a top expert back in the 1980/90's.

Tristan Hales emerged as the victor in the five lap consolation final, ahead of Edward Pegram and Charlie Starsmore, and with the light fading, the scene was set for the eight lap grand final.

Whittle stormed into the lead, chased by fellow Norfolk rider, Luke Parker, with the forty strong chasing pack fighting for positions behind them. Newmarket youngster, Sam Nunn, despite racing the smaller engined bike, held third place from Ben Clark and Shaun Southgate, with Tom Grimshaw in sixth place. Parker moved to the front on lap three, with Whittle battling hard to reclaim his lead, but was having to contend with the charging Nunn.

Grimshaw was also on a charge, moving into fourth place, but a couple of spills saw him drop back to seventh. Parker was starting to increase his lead, until Nunn managed to pass Whittle, and started to narrow the gap on the leader. Meanwhile, Shaun Southgate, (Herts MX Honda) was making progress, Making some good moves on Clark and Whittle, the Suffolk ace moved into third place on lap six, with Whittle holding off the challenge of Clark and the resurging Grimshaw. On the penultimate lap, Nunn had caught up to Parker, as the pair fought for the win, but lapped riders were causing problems, as the pair hurtled into the final lap. A slip up by Parker saw Nunn and Southgate emerge from the wooded area in first and second place, leaving a dejected Parker finishing third. Whittle managed to hold off Grimshaw, with Clark rounding out the top six.

Race results.

Heat winners. Luke Benstead( GH Husqvarna), Tom Grimshaw( Chambers Gas Gas), Declan Whittle( Lings Gas Gas), Luke Parker( Pope Gas Gas)

1st semi Final.  Grimshaw, Brendon Mayers, Ben Clark, Jake Rackham, Shaun Southgate, Archie Fisher.

2nd semi final   Parker, Nunn, Whittle, Rob Nicoll, Will Farrow, Ben Talbot

Final.  Nunn, Southgate, Parker, Whittle, Grimshaw, Clark.

Consolation final. Tristan Hales, Edward Pegram, Charlie Starsmore, Alex Dutton, Dan Cummings, Dan Lawler.

Sam Nunn Overall Winner on the night


Luke Parker initially led the final but dropped it lapping a back marker 

 GH Motorcycles Luke Benstead leads Shaun Southgate 


Triston Hales consolation final winner

 First corner action  


 GH Motorcycles stand 

Diss MCC Wayne Fulcher on one of the jumps he graded with his digger  


Paul Aldridge Non Qualifiers race winner  



 Southgate takes overall win

 Last Sunday saw Round 2 of the Stebbings Car Superstore and PP Sports Insurance ACU Solo Eastern Motocross Championship at Wattisfield Hall.  A full entry of 170 expert and juniors lined up for the 12-race programme. The dry weather brought out a large crowd to the Diss MCC venue, and the day provided some great racing on a well-prepared dust free track.

 Luke Parker, Matt Pope Motorcycles - HRM Boilers 450 Gas Gas set the fastest time in practice from Lewis Tombs 450 Honda followed by Shaun Southgate 450 Herts MX Honda.

 In the first leg premier class race, Parker got the hole shot from Southgate, but Parker dropped it on lap two followed by Southgate who also had an off just after the finish line on lap 4. This allowed Tombs to build up a comfortable lead of 12 seconds by the end of the race. Parker managed to pull his way back to 2nd but dropped it again on lap 11. Southgate came home 2nd which was some achievement as he was riding with a front mudguard bent underneath the front fork heads.

 In leg 2 Ben Cole, GH Motorcycles Husky took the hole shot followed by Southgate who took over the lead from Cole on lap 2. Lewis Tombs took 2nd from Cole on lap 3 and finished less than a second behind leader Southgate for a very close finish. Parker who started in 7th clawed his way back to 3rd.

 Leg 3  saw Parker get the hole shot maintaining this until the end of the race. However, like race 2 it was a very close race with Shan Southgate finishing less than one second behind, followed by Tombs in 3rd  setting the fastest lap of 1m 32.

 Once all the points had been totalled up, Shaun Southgate took overall honours from Lewis Tombs, with Parker in 3rd.

 In the premier Junior Class Joseph Leeks took overall honours from Travis Frost, and Sean Ottway. In the support A Junior Race Mark Goodson took 1st from Henry Cox and enduro star Craig Roper. Support B Josh Sturman took the honours from Andrew Cattermole and Teddy Howard and Group C was won by Alex Buckenham with Joe Scillitoe in 2nd with Ryan Harrington- Groves in 3rd.

 A big thanks to all marshals and officials who made the event possible, plus thanks also to series sponsors Stebbings Car Superstore and PP Sports Insurance and event sponsor Clarkes of Walsham.

 A date of the diary is the next event at Wattisfield Hall which is the evening motocross on the 29th June.  This is the most popular event of the year attracting a big crowd with short sharp races.  Entries for this open on the 1st June and riders are reminded not to delay putting their entries as it is expected to fill up very quickly.


GH Motorcycles Santon Enduro Sunday 27 February  - Results  click here      


Sunday 27 February saw Diss MCC run the Santon Enduro in Thetford Forest. The weather was perfect with wall to wall sunshine and the going was dry with a superb 1.6 mile test near the start which was ridden on laps one and two.

The action kicked off at 9:00am and first man on the test was 2021 ACUE champion Luke Parker on his 450 Matt Pope Gas Gas. As the championship times were confirmed it was clear that he remained the man to beat. His first test was a blistering 2 minutes 29 with Ben Cole on his 450 GH Husqvarna, the 2021 runner up, hard on his heals, some 4 seconds back. Former British Championship MX rider Lewis Tombs, 450 John Bank Honda slotted into third with British Championship runner, Alex Walton, 300 MRS Sherco in fourth. Ben Clark on another MRS Sherco rounded out the top five.

When the championship riders returned the test was much rougher but most championship riders were still able to improve on their first test times. Again Parker dominated gaining a further 4 seconds on Cole but this time Walton was able to slot into third but still some three seconds behind Cole. Tombs was just over a second behind Walton with former ACUE champion Jamie Roper, 450 Walters Medical/Jim Aim KTM slotting into fifth.

With the championship order established the significant group of enduro supporters and pit crews waited for the sixth and final lap, reduced to a mere 25 minutes, which would surely decide the final results. But the drama happened sooner, at the time control at the end of lap five and turned the expected results upside down. Not one, but six of the early championship runners clocked in early at the end of the fifth lap which would drop them all out of the top 10. The only rider starting on the first two minutes to keep his head was Dan Willis on the 250 Ranson Racing/Putoline/TMJ Interiors Honda who held back to his correct minute which would see him finish in a great fifth place, his best result since moving up to championship class.

Parker and Cole were the only two championship runners to finish their final lap with three minutes to spare but the damage had already been done and their “schoolboy” error (their words) saw them finish in twelfth and thirteenth positions with the other riders all trying to forget the outcome and focus on their next event.

 With good test times and a clean ride, Lewis Tombs took a well earned victory from 2021 British Enduro Expert champion Harry Houghton, on his 300 Motofit Beta UK. Ben Murphy on a 450 ET James KTM took third with veteran, and former ACUE champion Chris Hockey, 300 Kiwi’s Bike Shop Sherco in fourth with Willis in fifth.

 The expert class was dominated by Aaron Coupland 450 Team REME KTM who won both tests and was clean on time. Coupland won the first test some four seconds faster than Matthew Harries, 250 ET James Sherco. Hertfordshire’s Doug Lote, 250 Apico Beta slotted in third with Hayden Maller 150 Team REME KTM in fourth, with less than a second separating the second to fourth runners. Adam James 300 ET James Sherco slotted into fifth position.

 Coupland was again four seconds faster on his second test and in the extremely competitive expert class there was a quarter of a second between second, third and fourth but the order had changed. This time Diss club member Joe Hall, 250 Roger Warnes Gas Gas was second from Maller, then Lote with Harries two seconds back in fifth. After the two tests there was less than half a second between Lote and Maller for second and third and less than 3 seconds between second and fifth.

 With no drama in the expert class the final lap would see Coupland, Harries and Lote clock in two minutes ahead of their scheduled finish time and with the top 19 riders staying clean the order was determined by the tests. Coupland ran out the clear victor from Lote, Maller and Harries with Hall’s stronger second test securing him fifth overall.

 In the expert over 40’s class Julian Harvey, multiple ACUE trials champion dominated the class. Harvey on the 125 KTM was over 7 seconds clear of 2021 British Enduro Expert Veteran champion John Shirt on his Gas Gas. Chris Tett 390 Beta was third with 2021 ACUE champion Paul Spurgeon 300 Husqvarna fourth and Jonathan Pearson 250 Husqvarna in fifth. The second test saw the order maintained with Harvey gaining a further second on Shirt. Harvey’s test times were the fastest for a 125 at the event. At the end of the event, the top runners all stayed clean with just Shirt managing to clock in with two minutes to spare so the order remained unchanged.

 There was a tight battle in the clubman class between Jake Purcell 250 Royal Engineers KTM and Sion Evans 125 Husqvarna. Purcell won the first test by 1.5 seconds from Evans but Evans was top on the second test by 0.3 seconds leaving Purcell 0.8 clear after the two tests. Lewis Holmes 350 Saxmundham Service Centre Gas Gas was third on both tests and again with all the top finishers remaining clean after their four laps the order was decided by the tests.

 The clubman over 40’s class saw Spencer Newland victorious, winning both tests from William Lloyd 250 KTM and Raymond Otaka 200 Beta. However, after the first test both Lloyd and Otaka were tied. The ACU require times to a hundredth of a second as shown in the results but their times were still identical to the thousandth. Lloyd gained the advantage on the second test relegating Otaka to third with the test times again determining the final positions.

 The hugely popular clubman over 50’s class saw some 48 riders competing, the second largest class after clubmen at the event. The Super Veterans class was dominated by a very on form Mark Chapman 250 KTM, from the host Diss club. Another former ACUE champion, Chapman’s test times would have seen him finish in fifth in the clubman class! On the first test Paul Armstrong 450 Husqvarna was second, some 9.5 seconds back with Jez Moss 150 KTM in third. The second test saw Chapman nearly 2 seconds clear of John Hilton 300 Fab Weld Engineering KTM from event sponsor, Gavin Hockey on his immaculately prepared classic 250 Huqvarna. Hilton and Hockey’s faster second test times saw them rise to second and third after the two tests with Moss and Armstrong rounding out the top five. Again the main contenders were clean on time at the end of the event and so maintaining the results achieved on the special tests.

 Andy Waters, clerk of the course and all the organising team at Diss MCC would like to thank everyone that made the event run smoothly, and specially Forest England, GH Motorcycles and all helpers who ensured the event was a great success. The fantastic February sunshine was a bonus and the organisers were relieved that the event hadn’t been scheduled for the previous weekend when Storm Franklyn would have caused cancellation.

 With such an upset to the form book in the championship class it looks like being an exciting championship season with everyone looking forward to round two of the ACUE championship which Sudbury MCC are running on 13 March at their popular Foxborough venue.


 Picture Mike Bennett 

Lewis Tombs 2022 Santon Winner 


Fastest on the special test but a slip up on the time control booking in early proved to be a costly mistake  for Parker, Cole and Walton  

GH M/cs & G+B Finch Muntjac Enduro


 Results click

On 21 November Diss MCC Ltd ran the fifth and final round of the GH M/cs Husqvarna 2021 ACU Eastern Enduro Championship.

Andy Waters and his hard-working team had prepared the event to the usual high standard and the weather leading up to the event had been good meaning the 15-mile forest course and 1.6 mile test were in perfect condition.

 Nearly 200 riders would face the familiar Muntjac format with the special test near the start. After early sunshine some showers rolled in to make the leaf covered test slippery and challenging, particularly for the early championship riders.

Luke Parker having his first UK ride on the 350 Matt Pope Gas Gas was first man away and despite a close call on a corner near the start managed to put in a blistering first test time, but all eyes were on our two world class visitors who weren’t far behind. Steve Holcombe 390 Factory Beta finished just 0.04 of a second in front whilst Alex Snow on his 350 Gas Gas had to settle for third some 2 seconds behind Parker. Young MX star Tom Grimshaw on the 250 Chambers Racing Husqvarna showed great pace through the trees and slotted in 2 seconds behind Snow with regular top local enduro rider Ben Cole on his 450 GH Husqvarna a further 2 seconds down in fifth.

By the time the championship riders returned for their second test the early slime and leaves were long gone and the familiar bumps and berms were back. Test times were bound to drop and they did!!  Again Parker was first man away and his second test was almost 10 seconds faster. Cole was second man away and his test was 4 seconds faster than his first and again all eyes were on Holcombe – what could he do? When the timing screen confirmed his time he’d gone 9 seconds quicker than his first test but our ace from the east (2019 ACUE enduro champion and 2021 ACUE MX runner up) was in front by 0.4 second after the 2 tests, but for championship riders there were 3 more tests to go. Snow, Grimshaw and Cole maintained their positions to lock out the top five.

Test three saw Holcombe regain control with the fastest test of the day of 3.48 and whilst Parker was again flying his third test of 3:52 saw Holcombe move back to the top of the leader board almost 3.5 seconds ahead. Parker was in a super strong second place almost 11 seconds ahead of Snow but championship runners would return for back to back tests on lap four.

 As expected Holcombe maintained his advantage and won both remaining tests. Parker was again second fastest on test 4 but Snow was coming to terms with our forest test and was only 0.3 seconds behind Parker on his fourth test. Holcombe rounded out his day on the tests with the second fastest test time of the day to seal his advantage after the 5 tests. Finally Snow managed to edge in front of Parker with his best test time of the day but Parker was close behind with only the top 3 managing to have tests below 4 minutes on the now heavily bumped and bermed test.

Luke Parker saved this slide and still finished 2nd on the first test  

 After the 5 tests Holcombe was 12 seconds ahead of Parker with Snow a further 7 seconds adrift. Grimshaw had maintained his early form and was settled in fourth with Cole still fifth. The riders were then warmed up for the two final laps culminating in a 33 minute final lap.

 Who would be the first to finish the final demanding lap and would it be within the 33 minute time allowance? As expected, Snow and Holcombe were the first men home with 4 minutes in hand so their places were comfortably confirmed. Our 2 East Anglian stars weren’t far behind. Parker was next man home and he had 2 minutes in hand and Cole joined the party shortly after also with 2 minutes to spare. Both riders demonstrating why they are the front runners in the ACUE eastern championship but Parker’s performance both on the test and the going was outstanding and reinforced his ability and is the very worthy 2021 ACU Eastern champion.

Steve Holcombe and Alex Snow start of the past lap - 29 minutes. 4 minutes under the time   The expert class was also hotly contested. Rising Eastern Centre star, current leader of ACUE expert class and BEC best clubman in 2021, Jake Roper on his 250 AJN Steel Stock KTM was in great form. He topped the time sheets on the first test but was closely followed by visitors, Adam James 300 ET James Sherco a mere 0.09 seconds behind and Daniel Cooper on his 125 Dynamic Water Solutions KTM 3 seconds back in third. The second test saw Roper again just in front, but this time Lee Sampson on the 300 Steer Sherco was on his heels, just 0.1 seconds slower with Steven Cooper 250 Dynamic Water Solutions KTM in third. 

 The third and final test for the experts saw Sampson fastest and recording the fastest expert test time of 4:20 but Roper was close just 1.5 seconds behind him. This saw Roper leaving the test with just over 3 seconds advantage over Sampson with Steven Cooper holding on to third some 8 seconds behind Sampson. Adam James and Daniel Cooper rounded out the top five after the 3 tests . After their third lap experts would then face 2 further fast laps with a 34 minute final lap to confirm the outcome.

 Roper maintained his position with a minute in hand at the final check. Matched by Steven Cooper and 6th placed finisher Will Trigg on his 250 KTM but the remainder of the top 5 managed to come in on time maintaining their positions. This meant that Roper not only won the event but also took overall victory in the ACUE expert class.

 The expert veterans saw trials ace Julian Harvey on the pace on his 125 KTM. He topped the times on the first 2 tests and a third place on his final test saw him leading after the 3 tests, some 3 seconds clear of John Shirt 350 Gas Gas with Arron Crowder 350 KTM 1.5 seconds back in third place.  With a gaggle of riders having 2 minutes to spare on their final check the positions were maintained. Ever consistent Paul Spurgeon, 300 Husqvarna finished in 8th but this was enough to secure the ACUE expert veteran class win.

Jake Roper, British ACU Clubman Champion won the expert class  

 The clubman class was dominated by visitors with the battle between Doug Lote 250 Beta and Jack Arnold 250 KTM finally going in Arnold’s favour with Jack Probert 125 Sherco in third. With Joe Henthorn already the victor in the ACUE clubman class and riding expert Barnaby Knight, KTM secured runner up in ACUE clubman class with a fine fourth place.







Local Diss club rider Jason Naruszewicz dominated the clubman veteran class he won both tests and was one of only 3 riders to come in on time on the final lap to secure a well earned victory. Raymond Otoka, 250 Husqvarna took the runner up spot from Witley Club rider Neil Bowker on his 125 KTM. Paul Belton, 250 KTM came in fourth and this was enough for him to secure the ACUE Clubman veteran win.

Winner of the Clubman Vets class was Diss MCCs Jason Naruszewicz 

 The clubman super veteran class was the second biggest class with 36 starters. Another Diss MCC stalwart Mark Chapman, 250 KTM topped the time sheets on his first test and his second place on the second test was enough to see him finish 5.5 seconds clear of John Hilton 300 KTM with Richard Squirrell 250 KTM third and event sponsor Gav Hockey next and fourth. Chapman, Hilton and Adrian Wilkins  came in a minute early with all the remaining super veterans losing time. With one minute penalties Squirrell and Hockey were able to maintain their third and fourth positions and Adrian Wilkins rose to fifth with no time card penalties. With his strong second place finish Hilton confirmed his place as ACUE Clubman Super Vet winner.

Mark Chapman has only rode one this year but still took the super vets award  

 As we’ve come to expect Andy Waters and his hard working team delivered another excellent and very successful event but thanks as ever must also go to the Forestry Commission, the first aid team, officials and all the many helpers and marshals without whom we couldn’t  run events. Our focus now turns to the Santon enduro which is scheduled for Sunday 27 February 2022 – hope to see you all there!!!

ACU Eastern  Enduro Champion Luke Parker 


 Diss MCC Trial 31st August Results  


Parker takes overall victory on the Santon Enduro - click here results 

 Report Richard Snowden

 On Sunday Diss MCC ran the GH Mcs. Santon Enduro - round one of the 2020 GH Mcs ACU eastern Enduro championship. The organising team really had a challenging time setting the event out with storm Dennis blowing out special test setting out last Sunday.

 However Andy Waters, the resourceful clerk of the course managed to pull teams together to deliver the event and everything was ready as riders walked the test on Saturday. Despite heavy rain overnight and a vicious shower mid-morning the event on Sunday went like clockwork for the 190 plus riders.

 At 9:05 the strong championship field were at the special test and the action was under way. Multi ACU Eastern Champion Chris Hockey on the 300 Off-road Tryout Gas Gas was first man on the test and he posted his best time with a strong third. However, Luke Parker riding his 450 Matt Pope Kawasaki for the first time in an enduro showed the form that won him the 2019 championship. He set a blistering pace finishing almost 7 seconds ahead of Ben Coles, on his 450 GH Husqvarna. Former ACU Eastern MX champion Shaun Southgate was fourth on the 450 Herts MX Honda with ISDE manager and hugely experienced Daryl Bolter on the 250 Huskysport Husqvarna taking fifth on his first competitive outing after breaking his wrist at last year's Natterjack BEC.

 An hour later the Enduro elite were back and Parker was on fire again. On a much ruttier test he pulled almost six seconds more with Bolter showing more of his undoubted speed in second. Ben Cole was consistent in third, again just under 7 seconds behind Parker. Southgate was again fourth with Jason Morland, on the 450 GH Yamaha fifth. A stall on his first test meant he was in eighth overall after the two tests.

 So Parker headed off for the remaining four laps almost 14 seconds ahead of Cole with Bolter up to third, Southgate fourth and former ACUE champion Jamie Roper on the 350 Walters Medical, Jim Aim KTM in fifth. However, the final time control requiring the 11 plus mile control to be completed in 24 minutes.

 Parker again showed his dominance - the only championship rider to come in with just over a minute to spare. Only Cole, Bolter and Henry Yardley, on the diminutive 125 Marsh MX Husqvarna stayed on time and finished in that order. Southgate, Roper and Hockey took the next three positions, all losing one minute on the final check.

 In the strong expert class Sam Davies, 125 KTM was fastest on the first test a second ahead of Adam James, 250 ET James KTM with Matthew Harries, 250 ET James KTM two tenths behind him in third. Harries took top spot on his second run nearly two seconds clear of Jamie Buckingham, 250 Buckingham KTM with Davies just two tenths back in third.  This meant Harries was 0.9 seconds clear of Davies after the two tests with Buckingham two seconds behind in third. Sudbury youngster, Jake Roper was fourth and George Yardley rounded out the top five.

 Again the last time control would challenge all the experts. No one went clean and just four riders lost one minute. The top three were unchanged so Harries took the victory from Davies and Buckingham in third. James was the only other rider to lose one minute moving him back up to fourth but he was the only rider to almost clean the final check - just missing a clean by a few seconds. Roper was fifth, the fastest of a gaggle of riders who lost two minutes.

 Multi ACUE trials champion Julian Harvey, 125 KTM was comfortably fastest on both tests and only he and John Shirt on the 250 Gas Gas stayed clean with Harvey sixteen seconds clear. Event and series sponsor Gav Hockey on his 300 GH / G & B Finch Husqvarna took a strong third, fastest of the expert vets to lose a minute on that testing last check.

 Diss club rider, Jake Ward, 250 Husqvarna took a convincing victory in the large clubman class. He was the only rider to stay clean and posted the fastest test times. Lewis Holmes took second with Steven Baldock taking third. These were the only two riders to come in with a single minutes loss on the last check.

 Paul Hanks was the only Clubman Veteran to stay clean and take victory after winning both tests and again only two riders managed the final control a minute late - with Mark Green taking second from William Lloyd.

 In the Clubman Super Vets another Diss man took top honours - Mark Chapman winning both tests then staying clean with another Diss man, Gene Womack, pre65 MX champion taking second from multi ACUE super vet champion Andy Mason in third, with both Womack and Mason the fastest of a gaggle of super vets losing two minutes.

 Finally, Timothy Rooney took top honours in the Sportsman class.

 So at the end of yet another successful Santon Enduro the Diss club would like to thank all helpers, for their help, before, during and after the event - we hugely appreciate your support. And finally, thanks to the Forestry Commission for use of the forest and of course GH Motorcycles for their continued support.

 Pictures by Anthony Ridge 

  Parker Takes overall victory 

Ben Cole good ride with runner up 

Daryl Bolter showed he has lost none of his speed with 3rd place

Henry Yardley got a great 4th overall and remained clean on time

Nieve Holmes with solid ride of 10th in the Championship Class 

Shaun Southgate managed 5th with a loss of just one minute 


Mathew Harries Best Expert 

Sam Davies runner up in the experts 

Julian Harvey best Expert Vet Over 40


Jake Ward Best Clubman overall 

Paul Hanks best Over 40 Clubman Vet 

Chappers best over 50 Clubman


Luke Parker and Ben Cole at the start of the day 



 Local Star Jacob Roper saved this and got 5th overall in the expert class 



2020 Membership form for Diss MCC click here 

Diss MCC Motocross, Wattisfield Hall - Sunday 22 September - Round 4 of the Bickers Lifting / Stebbings ACU Eastern MX Championship for Juniors. Programme click here 

The club has received a full entry of 170 riders. Practice starts at 10.00 and racing from 11.30. 

Adults: £10.00, Children accompanied with Adult Free and Senior Citizens and children unaccompanied - £5.00



Two Man Enduro - Round 3 of the Dave Barkshire Championship - Wattisfield Hall - Sunday 18th August 2019 Results Click here

George Ellis and Declan Whittle took the overall win at  Round 3 of the Dave Barkshire Two Man Enduro Championship at Wattisfield Hall. A full entry of 128 riders tackled a 3.3 mile course consisting of the MX track and surrounding stubble fields.  The weather started off sunny and finished dry but a heavy rain shower in the middle of the event made it real slippery. The club received a lot of positive feedback on how well the course rode as the corners flowed, not too fast and a few tight bits thrown in made the event more technical than normal. Jacob and Phillip Roper won the experts and Joseph  Henthorn and Joe Phillips were the best Clubman team.  


George Ellis above and Declan Wittle below took the overall win

Tim Rose and Lewis Bond were runners up overall




Jacob Roper jumps the ditch and finished best expert with partner Phil Roper

Diss MCC rider Mark Chapman hasn't ridden for 6 months but with riding partner Michael Ridge  took 2nd overall in the experts 


Best Clubman team was Joseph Henthorn and Joe Phillips

 Craig Roper and Ross Taylor managed 3rd overall in the Championship 

Shaun Southgate and Charlie Jordon  managed 6th - Southgate rode three sessions with just two gears but finished the event


Diss MCC Trial 27th July  Results here 

Illegal Riding - Diss MCC Muntjac Motorcycle Enduro - 24th November 2019 Cancelled!

It is with regret that after 38 years of running events in Thetford Forest, Diss MCC have made the decision not to run Muntjac Enduro on the 24th November 2019 in Ride 24 Grimes Graves area. One of the primary reasons, in addition to Forestry operations, is the level of illegal riding in the Muntjac Ride 24 section of Forest and also the Santon Ride enduro 22 area.  It is without doubt the worst the club has seen in all the time it has had the privilege to have licenced events in the Forest. At the moment, the Santon Enduro, due to take place in February 2020, will only go ahead if the level of illegal riding significantly reduces. If you know anyone who is doing this, please get the message to them to stay away and go to licenced tracks before the Diss Club decides to terminate all Forestry events in Thetford.  The Powys Enduro in Mid Wales this year was also lost for the same reasons.

Diss MCC will continue to assist the Police and Forestry England to conduct checks of the area.

The Police have stated that they will take a robust approach to any illegal riding and will make full use of all powers available to them, this includes the possibility of vehicles being seized and riders prosecuted for any offences.

The ACU has also made it clear that any member caught will, under the ACU National Sporting Code, have their licence suspended.

Remembering Mike Bavin

It is with great sadness that I must inform you that Mike Bavin has passed away, peacefully in his sleep, aged 90. Mike (founder of Mike Bavin Motorcycles of Diss) was a great stalwart of our sport, a keen and hugely committed scrambles and trials rider, event organiser, business man and former chairman then president of Diss Motorcycle Club.

He was central to the development of Diss MCC throughout the 1960's, 70's and 80's and was one of the chief negotiators for the use of Wattisfield Hall for our motocross meetings, nearly 50 years ago. He also sought out land and with his expert powers of persuasion gained permission for it's use for some memorable groups of trials sections. As chairman he oversaw the club's introduction to running enduros over 35 years ago. As well as riding, Mike undertook many duties at all our events,  as a firm but fair motocross starter (turning away a centre champion for jumping the gate) to setting out challenging trials sections. 

 His passion for motorcycle sport began in the army where he led a motorcycle display team and regularly rode trials. His love of bikes continued even after retirement from the motorcycle shop and moving to Somerset, and he was still often seen at events in East Anglia always taking a keen interest. Those who knew him well will also have admired his engineering, inventing, woodworking and construction work, in fact, his ability to turn his hand to any task with great skill and never ending enthusiasm. 

He will be greatly missed and our thoughts are with his family.

 Richard Snowden

Chair - Diss MCC


Luke Benstead takes the final in GH Motorcycles and GB Finch Evening MX at Wattisfield Report from Charlie Ralph

A large crowd came to the picturesque village of Wattisfield in Suffolk on Wednesday evening to witness some fast motocross action, hosted by the Diss motorcycle club, and sponsored by GH Motorcycles/and G&BFinch Ltd.

The annual evening meeting also saw the first competitive ride this year for local ace, Jake Nicholls, who has been out of action since last October, following a badly broken leg, and despite his lack of race time, put on a great show for the spectators. However, it was the popular Wisbech rider, Luke Benstead, who was the top rider of the event. Nicholls started the meeting off with a race win in the first heat with Benstead winning heat two, and in the first allcomers race, it was Benstead who took the win after a race long battle with Eastern champion Shaun Southgate and Nicholls. Sixteen year old Newmarket youngster, Sam Nunn, rode well for fourth place, chased by his Yamaha team mate, Tom Grimshaw.

The second leg saw Ben Cole leading from the start with Southgate and Nicholls just behind him. Nicholls took over at the front on lap two with Benstead passing both Cole and Southgate to claim second place, which ensured him overall victory. Cole managed to hold off Southgate for third place with Nunn and Grimshaw having a closely fought battle again for fifth position.

The B group of allcomers saw the Diss club rider, Joe Eaton, winning both races with ease. Jack Whitlam was second in both races, and some close racing between former speedway rider, Shaun Tacey, Dan Lawler and Tom Sutton entertained the enthusiastic crowd as they battled for third place overall.

The meeting also included races for riders on enduro spec bikes and pre 89 machines. Sam Mitchell took the first race win after a hectic scrap with Luke Gidney and Brendon Mayers. Former Eastern favourite, Syd Bales having a rare outing, surprised many by claiming fourth. Race two saw Mitchell in front again, but Gidney stormed into the lead on lap two to take the win. Bales had a superb ride, and after passing Mayers and Mitchell, almost caught Gidney as they crossed the finish line.

Gidney also won the third race to take overall victory, and Mayers got the better of Mitchell for second place. Regular enduro riders, Jamie Roper, Tim Rose and Toby Morley all competed well in all three legs to figure in the overall positions.

The twelve race programme ended with the grand final and a decent prize purse as the top forty riders came to the start line. Benstead was soon in the lead chased hard by Southgate and Nicholls, and behind them the chasing pack thrilled the crowd as they fought for places. Nicholls moved into second place on lap two, and despite closing the gap on the race leader, it was Benstead who took victory, which obviously pleased his GH motorcycles team. Southgate rounded off a good evening for third place, with St Alban's teenager, Tom Grimshaw just ahead of Sam Nunn and Isle of Man visitor, Jed Etchells


Group A allcomers overall. 1st Luke Benstead GH Husqvarna, 2nd Jake Nicholls Buildbase Honda, 3rd Shaun Southgate Hert MX Honda, 4th Ben Cole GH Husqvarna, 5th Sam Nunn HCR Yamaha, 6th Tom Grimshaw HCR Yamaha

Group B allcomers overall. 1st Joe Eaton Lings Honda, 2nd Jack Whitlam Barkshire KTM, 3rd Dan Lawler Husqvarna, 4th Shaun Tacey Kawasaki, 5th Tom Sutton Yamaha, 6th Steve Gilbey Honda.

Enduro group overall. 1st Luke Gidney KTM,  2nd Sam Mitchell Honda, 3rd Brendon Mayers KTM, 4th Syd Bales Honda, 5th Jamie Roper KTM, 6th Tim Rose KTM.

Grand final. 1st Benstead, 2nd Nicholls, 3rd Southgate, 4th Grimshaw, 5th Nunn, 6th Jed Etchells ?

 Great Shots of May MX from davidblake images - see Diss MCC Facebook and David's Facebook page for more shots 









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