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Club Information

Diss MCC has been actively running sporting motorcycle events as part of the Auto-Cycle Union since re-forming after the Second World War.

Initially running touring and motorcycle trials, the club formed a partnership with other clubs across Norfolk and Suffolk to form the Snetterton Combine promoting road racing at Snetterton from the 1950's.

At around the same time we started running mountain grass track racing (broadly oval but not flat track racing) and from 1962 we have been running motocross (then called scramble) meetings. Our passion is off-road sport and we run 3 enduros, 3 motocross meetings and a trial each year.

Diss MCC committed to off-road sport.

Club Officials 

President: Peter Bavin 

Vice President: Wilf Harvey


Richard Snowden - Chair

Andy Waters - Vice Chair

Wendy Bavin - Secretary

Tina Taylor  

Tom Morris

Bev Chapman

Mark Chapman

Ross Taylor 

Jason Wyatt

 Wayne Fulcher

Paul Hubbard  

Katie Brown


 Joining and Renewing Diss MCC Club Membership  – click on the ACU link for Club membership renewal:


Diss MCC Club Membership cost is £10.00 for the year and membership is valid until the end of December 2024. You can also select auto renew for future years. 

Anyone having difficulty, contact the club on help@dissmcc.co.uk with your contact details. On your ACU personal profile, you will need to check your details are still current such as medical and photo ID etc. 






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